Movement is Life.


You run your company. You raise your family. You create a dynamic and engaged life. You are always striving to raise the bar. When pain becomes part of the picture, it can feel like a derailment, robbing you of your precious time and energy.

Don’t kill the messenger.

The solution is not to cut off communication by numbing the painful area with muscle relaxers, pain killers, and injections. Pain is simply a messenger, it is not the problem.


Let’s resolve the painful areas and build a more dynamically coordinated body for you to move and play in.

Your body is a live process.

Your body is a live process, creating itself in real-time. Because life is not always as balanced as we hope, faulty movement patterns are created. Over time, these patterns lead to immobility and pain.


We will not just stretch to be “more flexible”. We will not senselessly exercise to be “stronger”. Together we examine the whole landscape of the body and understand how you are working as one interconnected whole.

The cure is in the practice of installing new and better patterns.


The following questions and concepts frame how I design the best treatment plan for you. You will find that your work with me challenges the mundane therapeutic experiences you may have had before. Together we will identify the root cause of your dysfunction and unravel the faulty patterns that have developed. So you can get rid of your pain for good.

What good

is flexibility without strength?


What good

is strength without coordination?


What good

is a therapeutic practice unless it helps you live better in the unpredictable world around you?