Firm in Intention

Who am I

My name is Sonia Chhabra, and I am a licensed Physical Therapist. I am a graduate of Columbia University’s School of Physicians & Surgeons Program of Physical Therapy. In the near 20 years in my profession, I have collaborated with highly reputable Physicians in the care of complicated cases all over the world. The environments in which I have worked have spanned from noisy and hectic playing fields to cramped and cluttered huts.

I am not about fancy machines and counting reps.

Rather, my practice is deeply rooted in kinesiology, coordination principles, mind-body connection, and the movement arts. For me, the work I do is endlessly fascinating. We are all born with certain gifts – elasticity, rhythm, and complex patterning. These qualities morph through time, but they are not always lost forever, even in older age. Contrary to what most people say, pain is not a consequence of older age. It is a consequence of the poor use of a body. In most cases, through proper practice, these qualities can return. It’s my job to help you develop that practice. And I love doing it.