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Total Postural Reprogramming (TPR)

Postural disorders = Mechanical strain on structure = Pain, Stiffness, Repetitive Injuries, and Fatigue.

The Total Postural Reprogramming (TPR) process is a BIG PICTURE approach to address chronic pain, stiffness, and imbalances. Nearly all chronic discomfort is due to a postural imbalance.  

The conventional method is to work on things in isolation, addressing specific areas with specific protocols. Where everything is connected, I do not see this as a logical approach. 

Isolated “fixes” result in:

  1. The need to continually “do your stretches”
  2. Repeated injuries
  3. Pain that might creep up elsewhere

They do NOT result in a CURE to your problem.

Since there is one system that governs all the other systems in the body, the Central Nervous System, the most effective way to create change is a brain based approach.  TPR stimulates your Central Nervous System to harmonize your muscles and tendons, helping you release unnecessary habitual tension while increasing body balance..

Commonly heard feedback from patients who have done TPR:

Movement Reprogramming

Principles of Neuroscience + Sound Movement Practices = Positive Lasting Change

Movement Reprogramming is a physical practice, performed in coordination with basic principles of neuroscience, to promote longevity and excellence within athletics, as well as, in daily movement skill.  Through this process, we explore the release of unnecessary habitual tensions and dysfunctional patterns.  New patterns are practiced to encourage a more harmonious organization, offering greater choice and efficiency in movement. 

I wish to provide the best possible outcomes to my patients, therefore, I generally offer Movement Reprogramming ONLY in conjunction with, or after TPR.  

It has been my experience that those who choose Movement Reprogramming alone, and do not experience TPR, are limited in potential, due to postural imbalances that have not been addressed.  While there is tremendous benefit from engaging in a sound movement practice alone, I have found the most markedly improved results come in conjunction with TPR.

Patients Report:

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