Flexibility in Action

Progress requires a Firm intention and flexibility in action.

We work together wherever you are.


Together we examine the whole landscape of the body and understand how you are working as one interconnected whole. We work with concepts such as coordination, rhythm, range of motion, strength, and adaptability to develop a sound and engaging practice. Through keen observation and an extremely personalized approach, I empower you to become pain-free, move with greater ease, and a confident preparedness in your body.

In-Person Services

If we are in the same city, great! Let’s meet in person! It’s always fun to work together this way. Options of locations could be:

Your office

My office

The privacy of your own home gym

Remote Services

Your care should not stop because you are on the go. Whether you need to travel for work or because your heart desires to be on faraway shores, you will still receive un-compromised attention to your care.

You won’t have to leave the comfort and privacy of your own space. You save on travel time and avoid the stress of commuting. We are not confined to office hours and can meet at a time that is comfortable for you.

Your program is designed by me after a thorough video assessment and discussion. It will be detailed and specific to your needs.

You will have a private login to view your program.

You will have instructional videos to reference. So you will not be doing anything the “wrong way.”

We will engage in weekly video calls. These are active calls. You are moving like you would during an in person session.

You can contact me anytime with questions that may come up. If its not something that can be answered adequately in an email or text, we can always set up a call within the next 24 hours to make sure your questions are answered.