Posture Program/Balance & Falls Prevention

Falls are a leading cause of injury and disability in older adults.  Improving balance and posture can really pay off.  My motto is “The best healing is prevention.”  

Here are some of the key benefits to this program.

  1. Reduced risk of falls.
  2. Improved mobility and strength.
  3. Improved balance and coordination. 
  4. Increased confidence.  
  5. Enhanced quality of life. 
  6. Improved posture.  

Remember that you don’t want to wait for a fall to happen.  Best to get ahead of it so it doesn’t happen.  

If you notice that you feel noticeably weaker on one leg versus the other, or you simply don’t feel as balanced as you once did, it is wise to schedule a consultation to get your posture checked.  Take advantage of a complimentary consultation by contacting me here.

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