Case Stories


Training for triathlon involves endurance and strength while demonstrating biomechanical proficiency in 3 demanding sports.  

Needless to say, triathletes experience their fair share of injuries.  This is the experience of one amazing athlete in her rehab from training-related stress fractures.


I believe that collaborating with the healthcare team is essential.   It ensures consistency in patient care.  It also  fosters a learning environment among care providers, allowing us to grow collectively.

This is the experience of a Personal Trainer that I collaborated with in care of our mutual client.

BJJ Athlete

Brazilian jiu-jitsu demands exceptional strength, agility, acrobatic skill, and technique. As a partner sport, its inherent unpredictability creates a higher risk of injury.

This is the experience shared by a Black Belt BJJ athlete recovering from multiple injuries from his sport.


Ironman is one of the most grueling endurance events. It DEMANDS pushing through pain, and the incidence of chronic injury is extremely high.

This incredible 7 time Ironman athlete shares the experience of her rehab and recovery from an extensive athletic career.

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